U-bee Breakfast Bowl

Perfect for morning menus and grab & go cases, this Instagram-worthy dish appeals to healthful eaters seeking fresh flavors in approachable ways. Using honeycomb

Elvis French Toast

Reminiscent of classic flavors associated with Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich, this modern take on French Toast bridges the gap between traditional ...

Hot Honeycomb Crispy Chicken Sliders

Combining the ever growing trend of “sweet heat” and crispy chicken sandwiches, these sliders offer a unique and elevated element through the use of raw honeycomb...

Honeycomb Mustard Salmon

Bites of honeycomb over pan-seared salmon with a smoky whole grain mustard sauce, chives, and crispy red onion.

Mediterranean Honeycomb Lamb Chops

Adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the dish, honeycomb enhances the global flavor trends associated with Mediterranean cuisines. Its natural sweetness

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