Beekeeper Qualifications

Pass the Honey develops direct sourcing relationships with their honeycomb suppliers who source honeycomb from local

Sustainable Packaging

Technically called polyethylene terephthalate, rPET is a thermoformable material that contributes very little impact on the carbon footprint.

Availability & Harvesting

Our producers frequently check in with their beekeepers before and during harvest to ensure there is no sugar/syrup feeding and the bees are not exposed to apitoxic chemicals. 

Regenerative Practices & Outcomes

In a honey industry that is wildly fraudulent, we’re blazing an authentic and regenerative alternative that is good for honeybees, beekeepers, consumers, and the planet. Chances are, even if you are sourcing honey, you have...

Quality & Testing

Pass the Honey supports beekeepers and landowners - particularly those who own and work on agricultural lands - to manage land and grow food in a...

Land Management Practices

Although honeybees are extremely adaptive insects, conventional honeybee colonies are such modified versions of their original state, that bee...

Landscape Considerations & Validation

For some brands and ingredients, identifying the location of their sourcing is simplified based on climate and production constraints. For example...

Regenerative Apiculture Working Group

One of the ways we are creating transformative change is with our partners in the Regenerative Agricultural Working Group. Pass the Honey is a founding member...

Taste and Flavor Profile

Honey Fraud

What is Honeycomb?


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U-bee Breakfast Bowl

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