Fresh Honeycomb

Honeycomb can’t be faked. It’s the purest and most authentic expression of honey – the closest thing to nature we've ever found. Each bite has a unique depth of flavor and mouthfeel...all created by bees from flowers. As we like to say, it’s absurdly good.

Call it snacking honey, old-timey or novel, but don’t call it simply honey. Our individually portioned honeycomb re-introduces the true taste of honey.

Together with academic institutions, large landowners, smallholder beekeepers, and other honey interests, we’ve established the highest level of regenerative beekeeping practices in the industry with the Regenerative Apiculture Working Group. There isn’t a honey company doing more.

We welcome you on this journey. We cannot do it alone.

Chef Profile:
Rosalyn Darling  

Mediterranean Honeycomb Lamb Chops

Adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the dish, honeycomb enhances the global flavor trends associated with Mediterranean cuisines. Its natural sweetness and floral notes provide a delicious contrast to the savory flavors of grilled lamb, while complementing the sweetness of the sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, and red onion.

Elvis French Toast

Reminiscent of classic flavors associated with Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich, this modern take on French Toast bridges the gap between traditional comfort food and contemporary culinary experiences.

Honeycomb Mustard Salmon

Bites of honeycomb over pan-seared salmon with a smoky whole grain mustard sauce, chives, and crispy red onion. Served with wild rice and blistered tomatoes on the side.

Chef Profile:
Rosalyn Darling 

  • What is Honeycomb?

    Comb honey is the jewel of the beehive. It’s the honey just as the bees made it, still in the comb.

  • Threats to Bees and Honeycomb

    Honeybees are a bellwether of the fragility of our current food and ecological systems.

  • Honey Fraud

    You go to your local grocery store and see a shelf full of honey. So, which one do you add to your cart?

  • image of a woman biting a piece of portioned unadulterated honeycomb - pass the honey

    Taste and Flavor Profile

    Similar to wine, the layered flavors of the honeycomb are entirely dependent on the region it is made.

  • Regenerative Practices and Outcomes

    Pass the Honey: A regenerative, fully transparent, authentic, and quality source of honey.

  • Quality and Testing

    Pass the Honey supports beekeepers and landowners - particularly those who own and work on agricultural lands - to manage land and grow food

  • Sustainable Packaging

    Pass the Honey is revolutionizing the planet even down to its unique packaging.

  • Regenerative Apiculture Working Group

    Pass the Honey was founded on the idea that a small company, committed to transformative systems change could make a disproportionate difference in the world.