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Pass the Honey

Box of 24 Individually Portioned Honeycomb

Box of 24 Individually Portioned Honeycomb

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Bring the hive to your home with 24 individually portioned honeycombs. It's grab-and-go ready with taste and texture that'll stop you in your tracks. It's like biting into nature. Delightfully chewy texture with bursts of honey, melting together to create an experience unlike any other. Made free from all pesticides, GMOs, and toxins, produced by bees far removed from industrial agriculture. Single origin, trustworthy flavor perfect for a pre-workout energy boost, cocktail garnish, appetizer accoutrement, or to elevate any main entree. Heads up, this honeycomb will immediately become the center of attention at any dinner party.

Quality & Transparency: It's the honeycomb your parents (and their parents) grew up loving. It's what honey is supposed to be, how it used to be before the plastic teddy bear. We partner with beekeepers far removed from industrial agriculture which means no pesticides, no treatments, and no toxins. We want the bees creating our honey to be healthy, happy, and safe to produce nature's gold. Our fresh honeycomb is completely untouched. That also means unprocessed – we don’t add anything. From flower to bee to you. This is how we ensure the highest quality honeycomb in its original form. Intentionally sourced from regenerative apiaries with an uncompromising emphasis on honeybee health, beekeeper livelihoods, and strengthening ecosystem diversity.

So Many Uses: Chew it, snack it, schemer it. Every part of our honeycomb is edible (even the wax). Our honeycomb is loaded with calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and even vitamins C, B6, B12, and D just to name a few. It's so good, that you'll find ways to put it on everything. Toast, yogurt bowls, sandwiches, ice cream, or melting on top of a delicious filet mignon. Check out our chef-curated recipes to try one for yourself. Trust us, it's absurdly good.

Learn More: If you still have an appetite for knowledge, check out How We Harvest to learn more about our harvesting practices and all about honeycomb. It’s a sweet read. 

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