What is Honeycomb?

Honeycomb is a cluster of repeating hexagonal wax cells that fill the interior structure of the honeybee hive. The honeycomb structure is constructed by two primary parts...

Honey Fraud

Most non honey connoisseurs go for the cute plastic bear with the squeeze top, right? He’s cute, easy to use without being messy, and for some strange reason a honey filled plastic bear just makes you think, honey!

Threats to Bees and Honeycomb

By examining honeybees and the challenges they are facing, Pass the Honey is working to understand the complex dynamics that exist in agricultural systems today...

Taste and Flavor Profile

Darker honey and darker combs have more intense flavors, while lighter-colored varieties will have a more delicate taste, like Pass the Honey...

Regenerative Apiculture Working Group

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U-bee Breakfast Bowl

Elvis French Toast