Busy Bee? These Healthy Honey Recipes Will Keep You Going

They’re absurdly good, too. 

As we’ve learned from our friends, the bees, there’s nothing wrong with being busy. But if your schedule is standing between you and a full belly, something’s gotta give. 

The solution? Fill your plate with fast, flavorful snacks and meals that give your body and mind fuel for everything you have to do. That means eating pure, unprocessed ingredients, like raw honeycomb. With essential nutrients and nothing artificial, honeycomb is a source of guilt-free energy, giving you just what you need for focus and endurance. 

Since carting around slabs of honeycomb can get messy, we made it individually portioned for easy snacking anytime, anywhere. We also use 3rd party lab testing to make sure the honey doesn’t contain pesticides or other chemicals that aren’t good for your health. We call it snacking honey

We turned to some of our favorite food bloggers and health experts for nutritious, easy, mouth watering ways to enjoy this energizing, bee-made snack. These healthy recipe ideas are about to be your go-to pick-me-ups.

Avocado Toast with Honeycomb & Pomegranate  


It doesn’t get much easier than smooshing avocado on toast. And honestly, sprinkling on some pomegranate seeds and peeling open a pouch of Pass the Honey to break up isn’t much harder. We’ll call it a two on the difficulty scale and a 10 on the flavor scale. Smoosh, sprinkle, sweeten, and fill up on the goodness. 

Paleo Waffles With Nut Butter & Honeycomb


Waffles are like pancakes, but with deeper pockets—which we like to think of as little pools for the honey that melts off the comb. This paleo waffle recipe is low in carbs and high in protein, and topped with nut butter and snacking honey to give you even more power. It’s the balanced breakfast you need to make it through the morning brain fog free. 

Simple Honeycomb Yogurt Bowl


Did you know that pairing honey or other sweeteners with protein and fiber slows the uptake of glucose, preventing blood sugar spikes? That means yogurt, which is high in protein, combined with fiber in foods with granola and fruit make your honeycomb snack a balanced meal! This honeycomb yogurt bowl checks all those boxes.

Low Carb Gluten Free Cranberry Scones 


Scones are a misunderstood baked good, often lumped in with tea sandwiches and mediocre cafe treats. Make no mistake, these gluten free, low carb scones with cranberries inside and a honeycomb schmear will not leave you feeling empty. They’re a great make-ahead recipe for breakfast on-the-run and midmorning snacks, too. 

Chevre & Honeycomb Toast with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


Chevre (goat cheese) and honey might just be one of the best flavor combinations out there. When that flavor meets the texture of crispy bread and toasted pumpkin seeds, get ready to come back for seconds. That’s exactly what we did after trying chevre and honeycomb on toast.

Carrot & Apple Honeycomb-Sweetened Salad


Carrot cake lovers, this one’s for you! And you have Registered Dietitian and Certified Nutritionist Ella Davar to thank. Shredded carrots, apple, and dried cranberries are naturally sweetened with snacking honey, then dressed in a yogurt dressing that hits the cream cheese frosting craving. Pro tip: While you have the grater or food processor out, you may as well shred enough for two, because you’ll be back for this one. 

Blueberry Chia Honeycomb Parfait


You can never have too many yogurt parfait ideas to pair with your snacking honey. This parfait featuring blue spiulina chia pudding, blueberry, and honeycomb is sure to mix up your usual with bursts of flavor and texture. If you haven’t tried chia pudding, you’re in for a treat. Think Pop Rocks, but all grown up—and good for you! When it collides with the slight crunch-slash-chew of the honeycomb, you’ll be wondering where it’s been all your life.

Elvis-Approved Rice Cakes


Don’t let memories of dry, flavorless rice cakes get you all shook up about this one. Focus on the toppings: creamy nut butter (peanut or your go-to), slices of ripe bananas, toothsome chunks of honeycomb, and a sprinkling of chia seeds for a subtle yet satisfying crunch. The rice cake is merely a healthy vessel for delivering these energizing delights to your mouth. 

Grazing Boards & Charcuterie


Drop your “must be hands-on” expectations. There is nothing—we repeat—nothing wrong with throwing some fresh and tasty things together with honeycomb and calling it a meal. If it happens to include some meats and cheeses, you can call it charcuterie. Otherwise, call it whatever you want and feed yourself. 

Snacking Honey 


This unadulterated honeycomb was made by bees, then individually portioned by us to fit your on-the-go lifestyle. Yes, it is a delight to eat with other things. But it’s absurdly good on it’s own, too. And since honeycomb is a low-GI food, it doesn’t skyrocket your blood sugar only to send you into a spiral later in the day. Chew a piece when you need to combat fatigue, or use it to simply sweeten your drinks for pure, unprocessed energy, anytime, anywhere. 

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